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Having found unity between my love of designing and creating clothing and and intense longing to express my inner artist, Ayala Originals is my attempt to meld the two, resulting in upcycled/recycled works that are always sustainable, wearable, unique and one of a kind.

Foundations of felted wool or cashmere and recycled materials are deconstructed and redesigned in a style best called contemporary/retro fusion then embellished using handmade applique, collages of novelty thread, fibers and semiprecious stone. Many of my fabric surfaces are created using stippling, freeform embroidery and other fabric manipulation techniques. I create some of my fabrics from patchworking different pieces of recycled clothing together and then added to my designs. Wet and needle felting techniques are also used.

You can browse my online store by clicking on the links above and if you would like to purchase anything from my site you can click on the Etsy link below and go to the point of purchase.

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